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Artist Bio

I am a Utah based artist who grew up in a devoutly religious Latter-day Saint home in Jacksonville Florida. As a religious minority in the south, I became interested in different worship styles and the many ways that faith and spirituality are manifested.​ I am a graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art and Yale Divinity School where I studied photography, printmaking, documentary filmmaking, religion, and sacred and religious art. I currently work as a high school photography and graphic design teacher outside of Salt Lake City. I am passionate about other cultures, traveling whenever possible. My wife Sarah and I enjoy spending time with our 3 year old son Steele.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I create images and objects out of both personal fulfillment and to express the struggles, pains, joys, and beauties of relating to and understanding all that is divine and sacred in life. Whether through a work of fine art or through a documentary photo or video, the objective is the same. I aim to express the sacred in our daily lives, the way in which people interact with religion, and the struggle that comes with trying to understand and apply spiritual truths. I hope that viewers of my work will contemplate what they see and walk away feeling or understanding something of the divine or sacred in their own lives.   

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