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This book is a product of years of research and hard work. After 2 years of traveling repeatedly to the Middle East, interviewing dozens of people, producing a short documentary film, and studying the topic in depth, it felt only right to put it together in a book for all to enjoy and learn from. 


It contains a short essay in the beginning titled, "The Arab Christian Struggle: Staying in Their Homeland or Moving to the West". The essay is followed by photos, captions, and quotes from my many interviews in such a beautiful, yet tense region of the world. 

The Living Stones Book

Pre-order ends May 15th. Expected to ship in the beginning of June.
  • Self-Published 2022
    Hardcover, 8x10 inches
    115 pages / 102 color images
    Printed and bound at Conveyor Studios


    NOTE: Small print runs create higher prices. If there is more interest/demand, the price may come down. 

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